Professional long-term timelapse
and neural monitoring system

Sectors of applications.

Thanks to its numerous expansions and customizations, it can be integrated into IoT systems or automated production processes. The system's autonomy and resistance to high and low temperatures make it perfect for installations in extreme situations.


Construction companies can use Herolapse monitoring systems to record and document the progress of projects, monitor safety on the construction site, and create timelapse videos for promotional purposes.

Major Works.

Civil engineering projects such as bridges, roads, dams, and complex infrastructures can benefit from using Herolapse to record the evolution of work over time and monitor compliance with the required specifications.

Nature & Environment.

Herolapse monitoring systems can be employed to capture changes in the landscape, tide patterns, plant growth, and wildlife, providing valuable data for scientific research and environmental education.

Agriculture & Livestock.

Farmers and livestock breeders can use Herolapse systems to monitor the progress of crops, animal husbandry, and irrigation, allowing for more efficient and optimized resource management, thereby improving productivity.

Shipbuilding Yards.

The shipbuilding industry can benefit from using Herolapse products to document the construction of ships, record welding and painting processes, creating an accurate visual record of each stage of the building process. This enables sharing the project with clients, design studios, and engineers, facilitating communication and collaboration among the various involved parties.

Industrial Plants.

Companies operating in industrial plants can employ Herolapse monitoring systems to oversee machine operations, production flow, and maintenance processes, thereby contributing to improved efficiency and safety. Integrating IoT systems allows for expanding the fields of application and enhancing the system's intelligence.

Oil & Gas.

In the oil & gas industry, Herolapse monitoring systems can be used to document drilling activities, the installation of offshore structures, and safety operations monitoring. Furthermore, it contributes to better risk management by providing real-time visual data and facilitating the prompt identification of potential issues.


It supports major professional DSLR and mirrorless camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, etc...
This allows you to choose the most suitable camera for your needs with a relative scalability of shooting resolution.

For the image setup on the side, a Canon 2000D DSLR with a wide-angle lens was installed. The 6K shooting resolution allowed for zoom effects during editing due to the high resolution capturing even the smallest details.


The system is equipped with a lock for added security, and it also features GPS, email alerts, and in case of theft or loss, it is possible to lock all the functions of the specific product serial number through the portal.

GDPR compliant.

Regarding privacy and personal data protection, all the documents with the main compliance requirements that need to be prepared before starting to use the system safely will always be available. Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence, HeroLapse allows compliance with the current GDPR privacy regulations.

Last News

Herolapse & Autodesk integration

Herolapse & Autodesk integration

Herolapse announces the release of an innovative integration in Autodesk Construction Cloud that revolutionizes project monitoring.

Capture the progress of a construction site and create incredible high-quality timelapse videos with ease and precision.